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Reorganization of the inspection bodies.

One of the two main directions of the inspections reform is the one that’s relating to the organization and function of inspection bodies.  In order to respond to the organizational problems identified as fragmentation of inspectorates, different typologies of organizational strengths and weaknesses used as coordinates, reforms will aim to reduce the number of inspection bodies through their unions and mergers under the principle “an inspectorate for a ministry” . In practice, this principle is possible in most ministries and their inspection bodies.

One such rearrangement of inspection bodies promises organizational empowerment, the concentration of forces and resources, increasing opportunities for vertical and horizontal coordination. And this gives reorganization effects in terms of increasing the level of knowledge and information of the subjects to inspection. Thus reorganization of inspectorates expected to have positive effects.

The essence role of the Central Inspectorate, on the reorganization of inspection bodies is summarized in:


The methodology guidance and inspection program

Monitoring and evaluating the overall performance

The coordination of inspections


Training and attestation of the inspectors.

Triangular organizational system: State Inspectorate on the dependence of a ministry, the ministry of the line itself and the Central Inspectorate, together with the respective powers and roles constitute a check and balance system was estimated that could be developed in such a harmonious way to ensure achievement on the inspection reform goals.

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